Best Security Gadgets and Tools


Best Security Gadgets and Tools list will be updated as we discover new resources.

1. AOSP - Android Open Source Project 

Free from Google spyware and you won't have to compromise your convenience. 

The operating system is based on Android Open Source Project, often referred to as AOSP
It does not include the Google Mobile Services and other Google spyware. With little effort and commitment you can do it yourself . Check the list of devices supported on most popular AOSP distribution โ€” Lineage OS (
Most popular "hardened security" GrapheneOS ( from respected security researcher Daniel Micay.  
/e/ ( is a fork of LineageOS that aims to be bring iOS look on AOSP and keep you completely free of everything Google. Recently they announced collaboration with Fair Phone ( an ethical hardware focused on your right to repair and upgrade with ease. 

F-Droid is an installable  applicatin catalogue(instead of Google Play) only with Free and Open Source Software โ€“ applications for the Android platform. 

Lineage OS
Graphine OS

Same look and feel of Android

Preorder FairPhone with AOSP ( if you can't do it yourself or find a friend who can. Or search for other companies that are offering AOSP preinstalled too. 

2. OTP software

Free OTP

FreeOTP is an application adds a second layer of security for your online accounts. It is very similar device to your bank account pin coder. This works by generating one-time passwords on your mobile devices which can be used in conjunction with your normal password. These passwords can be generated even when your phone is in airplane mode.

3. Hardware Keys

NITRO KEY is a hardware key that protects your emails, files, hard drives, server certificates and online accounts ( It is Open Hardware and Software (GPL-v3). It's produced in Germany and costs from โ‚ฌ20-โ‚ฌ190 based on specification. Their motto is: "Security Requires Open Source" ๐Ÿ‘. 

YubiKey is another hardware key(ClosedSource for some time ๐Ÿ˜ž we can not recommend it anymore) one-time password device for secure login with two-factor authentication.

4. Hardware Wallet

Trezor is a hardware wallet that that provides the highest level of security for crypto assets. It empower you with the ownership and control of your private keys, provides Password Manager. ( OpenSource hardware and software๐Ÿ‘. 

5. Secure and Open Router  

Home router is necessary to connect you to the internet, but we know that almost every closed source routers compromises your privacy and security. 

Turris Omnia is the open source router and virtual server. It uses an operating system based on OpenWrt. Unlike most other routers, Turris Omnia gets automatic updates to core components of the system for the lifetime of the device. Your home is thus protected from new cyber threats. With your approval, distributed adaptive firewall sends information about suspicious data streams to the Turris headquarters. It's being build by some of the best hardware European engineers and security experts. Their reputation and endorsements come from many ethical technologists and open source communities. (

Turris MOX  is modular, open source, secure router based on OpenWrt. Comes from the same producer. You can design a device that meets your requirements. It has similar characteristic with the Omnia model. Read more and configure your own.

You can install OpenWrt on some hardware that allows it, but this is too advanced for ordinary users. Therefore Turris Omnia and Mox are the best solution.

6. USB condom

A USB condom is a device that can be inserted between a USB port and a device being charged to prevent juice jacking attacks that happens on "free" chargers on the streets, airports... USB Condom achieves this by blocking the data pins on any USB cable and allowing only power to flow through. This minimizes opportunities to steal your data or install malware on your mobile device. Works with any mobile device. Every USB has 4 pins, 2 for data and 2 for the power/charging. Only difference is that on this device, two pins are being removed. (

8. Secure, End2End Encrypted Chat, Email and other Free and Open Source Apps (FOSS)

See the articles about Secure Messaging and Email Providers  

9. Knowledge Source and Books

N-O-D-E ( - great source of information about security, technology, decentralization. It provides great tutorials how to build Open Source Hardware and provides tech updates and news. 

Order amazing and beautiful ZINE VOL-1 and VOL-2 or just download Pdf for free at:

The Free Software Foundation -FSF ( is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users. Read a book that changed the course of many developers and made them aware of challenges and powers of technology, ethics, and freedom. Order Free as in Freedom 2.0, by Richard Stallman