Free Software and liberation of cyberspace


We explore and promote technological perspectives to achieve freedom, sovereignty of individuals and communities in digital environments.

For technological sovereigntists, hackers, artists, privacy extremists, libertarians and pirates, you.

Libre Computer Club (LCC) is a nonprofit club founded in Bergen, Norway with a mission to explore technology perspectives and promote technological sovereignty of individuals and communities. We like free, distributed, decentralized technologies, freedom of information, free software, privacy, free knowledge. Goal is to have fun and inspire people to liberate themselves from tech giants exploitation. This should also be new tech hub for innovation and collaboration with other technologists and free thinkers.

Our crew

Software Hacker

Explore, promote and colaborate on Libre Open Source solutions #FOSS

Hardware Hacker

Explore, promote and colaborate on Libre Open Source Hardware , play with #FOSH gadgets

Art Force

Inspire surrounding and bring awarenes with engadged art projects.

Share force

Exchange tips and tricks how to bring privacy and security to the next level.