Pirate Radio ISSA - Solar Power and FM Fun


Testing signal

 Solar panel, generously donated and installed by CriticalTechnologies team with a little help from !Mediengruppe Bitnik). They installed the panel on the roof of the ISSA school, facing due south, at an all-year optimal angle. The panel now feeds a battery, which stores the energy and extends the availability of power into the night. The solar panel is a great addition to the off-grid school: It gives us basic power capacities for charging devices from laptops to soldering irons, amps and lighting.

installing the solar panel

Phase 1

Once they had the solar unit up and running we went on to play with FM radio broadcasting. Using different set-ups, Gordan Savičić, Selena Savić and !Mediengruppe Bitnik experimented with ranges and antennas, testing them in the actual terrain of the school. Both the antennas and the boosters will require more research and we look forward to continuing the experimentation soon! The radio project will kicked off in September 2023, where they have explored the technical aspects of broadcasting, from low-power mini FM broadcasters we can soldier ourselves to more advanced set-ups that can also transmit via RDS, the Radio Data System, a communications protocol that allows the embedding of small amounts of digital information (like information on current track played or station identification) in conventional FM radio broadcasts.