Anti Surveillance Art



Hyperface project involves printing patterns on to clothing or textiles that computers interpret as a face, in fightback against intrusive technology.

An image of a Hyperface pattern, specifically created to contain thousands of facial recognition hits. Photograph: Adam Harvey

Two models wearing CV Dazzle styling. Photograph: Adam Harvey

Speaking at the Chaos Communications Congress hacking conference in Hamburg, Harvey said: “As I’ve looked at in an earlier project, you can change the way you appear, but, in camouflage you can think of the figure and the ground relationship. There’s also an opportunity to modify the ‘ground’, the things that appear next to you, around you, and that can also modify the computer vision confidence score.”

Paint Your Face Away

Upload a portrait, selfie or profile with your face, and paint on it until a face detection system no longer detects your face. 
Toya’s public tool encourages the resistance to the oppressive use of facial recognition through ..


NIST Launches Studies into Masks’ Effect on Face Recognition Software. Algorithms created before the pandemic generally perform less accurately with digitally masked faces.
.. A study on facial recognition of masked faces, finding face masks increased error rates from as low as 0.3% to between 5% & 50% ..

Cryptographic masks

Cryptographic masks and critical anti- surveillance  design, as a form of resistance in order to foil facial recognition and biometric identification [link]

Fooling Facial Detection with fashion

Testing the effectiveness of practical implementations of #adversarial examples against facial recognition [link]

𝕭𝖗𝖚𝖈𝖊 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝕯𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖉 and Melanie Mitchell

Camouflage clothing 

Camouflage clothing as cryptographic strategies. Critical anti-surveillance design, in order to foil AI surveillance cameras.

With the advent of an AI-based surveillance society, we humans are digitizing all everyday behavior. They are identified as race, gender, age, and human, and their information is exploited for efficiency. For this reason, we propose "21st century camouflage clothing" that is not labeled "human" from the eyes of AI. Thinking about camouflage in modern times, we made camouflage clothing as a jacket that sampled the history of military.

Face paint

A group of Russian activists protesting against expanding state surveillance gathered near Putin's administration in Moscow with their faces painted to evade street-mounted cameras. It took just over 20 minutes for police to arrest them

Makeup Art

London is the second most surveilled city in the world. Dazzle Club is the activism group using anti-facial recognition paint to bring awareness towards this.

CHBL Jammer Coat

The CHBL Jammer Coat is a piece of clothing that enables its user to disappear: Google cannot find you anymore. The piece is made of metallized fabrics, which are blocking radio waves and shielding the wearer against tracking devices. You are no longer reachable on your mobile phone and no information from your credit card can be captured. The Wave Circle pattern of the fabric gives an illusion of strange multiple body parts, which hides and frees the individual physicality.

The piece is made of metallized fabrics, which are blocking radio waves and shielding the wearer against tracking devices

Project KOVR

Coat blocks every incoming and outgoing signal (faraday cage). Disconnect in style. Become part of our wearable countermovement.

Making FASHION Sense

The exhibition explores technology as a transformative tool for artists, designers, as well as for the wearers of clothing, generating a reinvention of fashion systems. While hyperfunctional materials already monitor our biometric data in everyday life and sports activities, this exhibition showcases artists and designers who develop experimental augmented fashion objects, investigating new perceptions of our environment and human interaction which make us think in new ways. Using new materiality, they create creative fashion processes which stimulate the human senses, perceive the wearers and their surroundings, change our perspectives, and make sense in the current geopolitical context. [link]

LED baseball cap

LED baseball cap fools facial-recognition tech into thinking you’re someone else.

A new project carried out by researchers in China threatens to undermine it, however, through the creation of an LED-studded baseball cap, which is able to trick facial-recognition systems into thinking that you are another person entirely.  

The Opt-Out Cap

The Opt-Out Cap is a tool for facial recognition obfuscation, taking the form of a baseball cap with concealed panels that can be deployed to block the wearer from being identified via massed facial recognition systems.

When used, the printed panels block the face of the wearer while displaying an alternative face, allowing for the user to disengage with the collection system without being automatically flagged as blocking their face.